My sculpture has a few imperfections and I feel worried.
As all Gillie and Marc artworks are hand-crafted, each piece is unique in its own right. That means that there might be a few bits that don’t necessarily look exactly the same as they did in the picture. This just shows that this is not mass-produced and instead, made with love. That’s what makes these works so beautiful and special!

Why can I hear something rattling inside my bronze sculpture?
The ‘rattling’ is just from some loose bronze that has got stuck during the creating process. This is completely normal and doesn't affect the integrity of the sculpture. 

My Resin/Fibreglass sculpture has been damaged at home and a piece has broken off. What do I do?
The only way to repair resin is using a Megapoxy adhesive. This does a good job of fixing broken fibreglass sculptures. For smaller surfaces, super glue is very effective. If the breaks are clean they can be re-attached rather seamlessly, nobody will know! If need be you can then touch it up with a small amount of high gloss enamel paint.

There seems to be a lot of packaging used to ship my sculpture. Is this necessary?
We spend a lot of time packaging to ensure your artwork gets to you in one piece. We need to cushion it well with lots of packaging materials otherwise it can get damaged in the postal process.  If you cannot re-use the packaging that ensured the safety of your sculpture, you are more than welcome to send the packaging back for us to reuse. We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental impact and packaging is one area where we are looking for solutions to improve.

What is a limited edition artwork?
This means the artwork has been created in limited quantities. The amount that is shown under ‘edition number’ is the total that can ever be created. For example, if the number is 50, only 50 of that piece of art will ever be out in the world. This gives the artwork more value.

Does my artwork come with a certificate of authenticity?
All artworks that are a limited edition come with a certificate of authenticity that is dated, signed and has Gillie and Marc’s seal of approval.

Where can I see what is on sale?
Head to our website and you can find a truly incredible deal on our sale page > https://gillieandmarc.com/collections/all-artwork-on-sale. Email us to enquire about our latest sale.

I saw a piece that I love on social media but it’s not on the website. How can I buy it?
The piece that you love is probably so new that it’s not on our website yet! Email us as soon as possible to express your interest. Gillie and Marc’s amazing artworks go so quickly so we don’t want you to miss out!

I really want a Gillie and Marc artwork but I have a budget, what can I do?
Gillie and Marc have a truly incredible collection that we would love for you to explore and collect. Please email us with a few more details about your budget and our lovely team would be thrilled to help you out.

Where do you ship to?
We ship our artworks and sculptures anywhere in the world! We would be happy to provide you with a shipping quote before you place your order.

How long will it take to get my order?
When you place your order our lovely team will provide you with your shipping quote and an estimation of shipping time before we organise shipping with our trusted carriers. You will be able to track your order all the way to your doorstep.

Do Gillie and Marc create commissions?
Gillie and Marc love creating painting commissions! Email us and our lovely team will assist you in bringing your dream to life.

Can I get a gift card?
Yes, you can purchase a gift card directly from our website > https://gillieandmarc.com/collections/all-gifts/products/gift-card
Or email us and we can help you further.

I want to give a Gillie and Marc artwork to a loved one for their birthday but I ordered too late and it won’t arrive on time. What can I do?
Gillie and Marc would be thrilled to create a unique, special digital card for your loved one letting them know their amazing artwork is on the way. Please get in touch with us to get started.

Are Gillie and Marc’s sculpture’s sustainable?
Gillie and Marc create all their art in the most sustainable and ethical process. We would love to share more amazing details about this with you! Please email us for more information.

What are your ethical standards for your workers?
Here at Gillie and Marc, we are committed to ensuring that everyone we work with, from those in our offices and factories to those we collaborate with, are treated with dignity and respect. You can read our full ethical statement here https://gillieandmarc.com/pages/ethical-statement

How can I care for my Gillie and Marc bronze sculpture?
Your bronze sculpture will have come with a “how to care for your bronze” instructional sheet with all the best advice on keeping your bronze in the best shape. If you have lost this or didn’t receive it, please get in touch with us and we can send you another! Alternatively you can check out this link for more information > https://gillieandmarc.com/pages/sculpture-maintenance

How to care for your gold leaf
Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered and flattened to make a thin, delicate foil. Due to the delicate nature of this material, gold leaf must be carefully handled. When installing your gold leaf painting you must wear plain cotton gloves to avoid transferring fingerprints or scratches onto the surface.

There are fingerprints on my gold leaf, what can I do?
The best method to remove fingerprint stains from delicate gold leaf is with a very soft bristled kabuki make up brush. Gently brush the mark with a soft swirling motion and gradually you will see the stain dissipate. 

How do I look after my painting?
Place the painting in a location with a consistent temperature and ensure it isn’t positioned too closely to lighting. Use LED lights if you can—they do not produce heat or UV rays. If handling the artwork, hold it from the edge, hanging wire, or stretch‑bar and wear gloves. Use a microfiber cloth, not solvents, to lightly dust the painting. 

What are the Dogman and Rabbitwoman characters inspired by?
Gillie and Marc are best known for their beloved characters, Rabbitwoman and Dogman, who tell the autobiographical tale of two opposites coming together to become best friends and soulmates. As unlikely animal kingdom companions, the Rabbit and Dog stand for diversity and acceptance through love.

Where can I find Gillie and Marc’s public artworks?
You can explore Gillie and Marc’s public artworks all over the world. Check out all the locations here > https://gillieandmarc.com/blogs/find-our-art

I’m interested in a large/public/garden sculpture. How do I get started?
Get in touch with us and our lovely team would love to help you get started! Email us to enquire.

Where will my artwork ship from?
Your amazing artwork will ship from Gillie and Marc’s gallery based in Sydney, Australia.

I won the competition but am not sure how to claim my prize?
Congratulations! Please email us to claim your prize.

How do we find out who won the latest competition?
The winner will be notified via social media and announced via the top comment on the competition post!

Is my original painting editioned?
All of our original paintings are unique and one of a kind. Therefore, they are the only edition!

What inspires Gillie and Marc’s artwork?
Their one simple, unifying mission is to fill the world with inspiring public art that spreads messages of love, equality, conservation and hope. They aim to inspire everyone to be more loving and conscious of their surroundings and the life it contains. They hope to create a community that passionately works for change and optimism today so we can all live in a much better world tomorrow.

How do Gillie and Marc’s sculptures support wildlife conservation?
Gillie and Marc are passionate eco-warriors and want to use their talents to aid conservation efforts around the world. Their art helps animals in multiple ways. They raise important awareness within the general public, getting the story of some of the world's most endangered animals into the hearts and minds of thousands of people, inspiring them to think about how they can make a difference. Each of the monumental public sculptures for conservation is also connected to a charity, giving the public the chance to directly donate funds to help save wildlife.

Why don’t all of the artworks for sale have a price?
Gillie and Marc want to make art accessible for everyone and that means making it affordable for everyone. For the works that don’t have a price, Gillie and Marc want to let you make an offer for something that you think is fair and that you can afford. Email us to enquire.