Sculpture Wall Art

Imagine if the art in your home was so exciting it felt like it was coming out of the frame or wall. Imagine if it felt so real that it transformed into a fully realised entity. This could actually be a reality with Gillie and Marc’s mind-bending sculpture wall art.

In a groundbreaking experiment, Gillie and Marc are taking their beloved sculpture and transforming it into beautiful pieces to hang on the wall. For many years, people had expressed their wish that they could hang their sculptures on the wall. This gave Gillie and Marc a lightbulb moment. They love sculpture, they love painting. Why not have both?

Gillie and Marc have been experimenting for many years with transforming a traditionally 2D surface into 3D. Playing with space and depth, the artists are creating works that deviate from the accepted and transcends both wall art and sculpture, creating something entirely new.