Orangutans on the Edge (Bronze Sculpture)
Orangutans on the Edge (Bronze Sculpture)

Orangutans on the Edge (Bronze Sculpture)

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Height - 360cm
Weight - 900kg


Contemporary Sculpture, Wildlife, Activist Art

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The public sculpture is a playful and interactive artwork that features an oversized Jenga set about to topple over, with two orang-utans playfully perched on top. The sculpture serves as a poignant commentary on the importance of protecting endangered species and draws attention to the need for action to be taken to ensure their survival.

The toppling Jenga sets represent the fragility of the natural world and the delicate balance that exists between humans and the environment. The Jenga blocks, which are typically associated with fun and games, take on a new significance in this artwork, representing the complex interconnections between different elements of the ecosystem and the need for careful management and conservation efforts.

The orangutans perched on top of the Jenga blocks serve as a reminder of the threat faced by many endangered species as their habitats are destroyed and the delicate balance of the ecosystem is disrupted. The playful nature of the orang-utans creates a sense of joy and wonder, which in turn encourages viewers to engage with the artwork and consider the message it conveys.

Artwork features
Gillie and Marc
 love working in bronze for many reasons. Bronze is a very hardy material and will last forever. As experts in coloring bronze, Gillie and Marc enjoy experimenting with their sculptures, adding a splash of color to brighten the work, making it even more unique. > Read more 

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Bronze is very easy to clean, allowing you to enjoy your precious sculpture with minimal upkeep. > Read more

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