Goodbye Rhinos

In 2018, Gillie and Marc installed The Last Three in the heart of New York City in Astor Place. Following the original installation the incredible 17-foot-tall interactive artwork now lives at the MetroTech Common in Downtown Brooklyn to raise critical awareness about rhino conservation. In February 2019 the sculpture will move to it's forever home, the San Antonio Zoo. 

We’re about to witness the imminent extinction of the northern white rhinos. From a population of 40,000 there are only 2 northern white rhinos left, making them the rarest animals on earth. Their names are Najin and Fatu. 

Rhino horns are worth more than their weight in gold, so the last 2 are under constant threat from armies of poachers. Monumental sculpture artists - Gillie and Marc - are making the world's tallest rhino sculpture to inspire, educate, and mobilise a global community to raise their voices, and affect real change against rhino horn sales.

The Last Threewhich was installed in the heart of New York City in March 2018, depicting Najin, Fatu and Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino has since passed away. The sculpture continues to raise critical awareness and funds needed to protect the last northern white rhinos, and to encourage participation in a petition for approaching Chinese and Vietnamese governments about eliminating the demand for rhino horns. 

Gillie and Marc the last three