Gift Registry

No other artists represent love more so than Gillie and Marc, so it’s little wonder that the husband-and-wife pair have set up a beautiful wedding Gift Registry.

Gillie and Marc know that the majority of couples already own a toaster when they’re married. Having a registry service with Gillie and Marc Art means your new home together can be filled with art made with love.


  • Sculptures of all shapes, sizes and materials
  • Wall art such as paintings, prints and photography
  • Beautiful art coffee-table books
  • Homewares such as vases, linen pillows
  • Art wear jewelry
  • Commissioned paintings

Terms and Conditions

  • Contributions to the Gift Registry may only be redeemed at the Gillie and Marc Art Sydney. 
  • The Gift Registry will run for an allocated time and expire four weeks following your event.
  • We request that you make your selection and settle your account promptly.
  • Please note if there are remaining funds after the purchase of artwork, the amount will not be refunded but a credit note will be issued to the customer that can be used towards any purchase at the Gillie and Marc Gallery.

    Please contact the Gillie and Marc Gallery via email to:

gillie and marc gift