Fetch Boy - Gillie and Marc Gallery, NSW, Australia

Visit the sculpture, click for map

He thought it was going to be totally out of character but there is a first time for everything.

Fetch Boy is one of Gillie and Marc’s most recognisable and controversial works. It’s on permanent display at Maitland Regional Art Gallery and is a favourite of both locals and tourists. When Fetch Boy went on a brief hiatus, everyone was aghast. The Maitland Mercury covered its departure and the gallery even threw a “pooch picnic” to celebrate its return. The three-metre tall, suit-wearing dog who is picking up its own poo, caused a stir from the moment of its installation. “Within half an hour of him being placed in his grassy, well fenced ‘yard’ we had people come in, who’d never been inside the gallery before, asking about our dog and if they could get a closer look,” explained Gallery Curator, Cheryl Farrell. “Within a day we had the Maitland Mercury down to take a photo for a front page feature, and within two days the Sydney Telegraph were in touch to take photos and write a story. Within a week a new route had been established by families visiting the gallery that incorporated a visit to Fetch Boy before coming through the front doors.”