Barker College Boys

Barker College, 91 Pacific Hwy, Hornsby NSW 2077
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The Old Barker Association commissioned Gillie and Marc to create an artwork to celebrate its 125th anniversary. The brief was ‘dare to dream…anything is possible’. Gillie and Marc created a life-size figure as a way to make the artwork more relatable for the students. Gillie an Marc wanted the sculpture to embody friendship, compassion, and commitment, so they had one Barker student carrying another younger student on his shoulders. The younger student, with the help if his friend, is able to reach for the starts. The feedback from the school was that the sculpture inspires the students to ban together and dream big – because as long as you have the help of your friends, anything is possible. Old Barker Boy Chris Russel (70) unveiled the sculpture and was joined by many special guests, including the current Head of Barker, Phillip Heath and former three Headmasters.